MD/PhD Interview Process

MD/PhD candidates come to the School of Medicine on Mondays and Tuesdays for a two-day period of formal interviews and other meetings and activities.  Interviews with the MD Admissions Committee are conducted on Mondays and those with the MD/PhD Committee on Tuesdays.  Both sets of interviews are important, as final admissions decisions are made collaboratively by the two committees.    

If you are interested in staying with an MD/PhD student host, please go to the Student Hosting website and follow the instructions.


For those applicants who arrive in New Haven on Sunday night, there will be a welcome dinner with current MD/PhD students at 6:00 at BAR .  More information will be sent to applicants several days before their interview with contact information. We hope you will join us!


Applicants must arrive at the Admissions Office on Monday morning at 8:30 - sharp.  At that time, there will be an orientation meeting with the Director of Admissions, followed by two formal interviews with members of the Medical School Admissions Committee.  After the morning interviews, you will participate in a "Faculty Meet and Greet" session with a member of the senior faculty, who will give a short presentation on his/her work, followed by a question and answer period.  After the Meet and Greet session, you will participate in a tour of the School that concludes at 2:00. 

Applicants will reconvene mid-afternoon for formal interviews with the Admissions Committee or informal visits with faculty of interest.  There will also be an opportunity (optional) to attend a course offered by Dr. Jamieson and Dr. Fred Gorelick called "Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Diseases".  After the class, a group of MD/PhD students will take you to a local restaurant for an informal dinner, where you can chat with students and get to know each other better.  (Bring comfortable clothes and shoes for the restaurant excursion!) 


On Tuesday at 8:30am, the MD/PhD Program will provide a continental breakfast in the MD/PhD student lounge on the third floor of Harkness Hall for applicants before their scheduled interviews with two members of the MD/PhD Faculty Admissions Committee.  After the morning interviews, applicants will have lunch with the MD/PhD Program Director, Associate Directors, administrative staff and older students.  On Tuesday afternoon, applicants meet informally with other faculty members whose research is of particular interest to them.  (Please see information on informal faculty meetings below.)  On Tuesday afternoon you will also have opportunities to visit laboratories, attend classes with current students or meet individually with Barbara Kazmierczak, Director of the MD/PhD Program.  The events on Tuesday will end at approximately 4:30, however if your travel schedule requires you to leave earlier, please contact Susan Sansone and she can work with you.  For those who are leaving later on Tuesday night or on Wednesday morning, there will be an opportunity to attend "Research in Progress" (Tuesday 5:00 - 6:30pm).  These are talks where two MD/PhD students (in the lab) give a 15 minute talk on their research.  Pizza will be served.  This is optional.

Both the Monday night dinner and the lunch on Tuesday will provide ample opportunity to ask questions about the MD/PhD Program, the School of Medicine, Yale University, and life in New Haven. 


An important part of your visit at Yale will be the opportunity to meet with faculty whose research is of interest to you.  In order to make sure the faculty you would like to meet are available, please let us know their names and a brief description of your research interests.

Please review the following lists to choose up to 10 faculty members with whom you would like to meet informally and email Susan Sansone ( with the names you have selected.  Please note that you must email Ms. Sansone at least one week prior to your interview date.


Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB)

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Cell Biology (CB)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Cellular and Molecular Physiology (CMP)

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CBB)

Public Health (PH)

Genetics (GEN)

History of Medicine (HIS)

Immunobiology (IM)

Molecular Biology and Biophysics (MBB)

Microbiology (MIC)

Neuroscience (NS)

Experimental Pathology (PATH)

Pharmacology (PHARM)

Sociology (SOC)